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From entry-level employees to the C-Suite and beyond, TC4RE provides the support and resources individuals and organisations need to achieve equality. Take a look at the personas below to see how T4CRE can help you to affect positive change within your organisation.


You are…
Someone holding a non-managerial or leadership role within an organisation who feels as though you or your colleagues are under-represented. Alternatively, you may just want to find out more about D&I. You will likely have a desire for change and equality in the workplace and are seeking the support of your senior peers to facilitate it. 

What can TC4RE help you do? 

  • Know who to speak with regarding race issues in the workplace and where you can seek external support 
  • Witness action around the topic of race and representation at work and take an active role in challenging race issues 
  • See your workplace as a safe place to openly discuss your concerns and feelings and believe your voice will be heard
  • Become an actionable ally by learning how to listen, support, self-reflect and change
Managers & Influencers

You are…
An individual in a management, leadership or team-building role within an organisation who wants to support all staff and colleagues by increasing your understanding. You may have a focus for innovation and are responsible for staff retention and recruitment. By developing greater knowledge and insight you can influence and advance change across your entire organisation. 

What can TC4RE help you do?

  • Build diverse teams where innovation and new ideas are encouraged and staff feel included, appreciated and supported 
  • Make lasting and impactful change by understanding what is required of you as an individual and the business
  • Attract new talent from outside the business 
  • Be relatable and open with your peers and teams whilst encouraging and facilitating open conversations
  • Advance a culture of allyship through intentional, positive and conscious efforts
Decision Makers

You are…
A Director or C-Level Executive who has significant focus on business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction and retention. You have a desire to impact the lives of all employees for the better, ensuring they feel supported, represented and as though they truly belong.

What can TC4RE help you do?

  • Drive innovation, profitability, business growth and expansion
  • Attract new talent
  • Retain and motivate all employees to achieve their goals for success
  • Meet customer expectations on an ethical and cultural level and develop community support and education schemes 
  • Support your employees and ensure they feel valued 
  • Focus on allyship as a strategic mechanism to drive systemic workplace improvements to policies, practices and culture